Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Kate

Kate turned 2 on the 18th of October. I really cannot believe she is that old. She loved when everyone sang Happy Birthday. She is such a sweetheart. She is always talking and singing. Kate likes to run up to you, give you a big hug around your legs and say "I lub ewe!" She thinks Jarod and Grace are the coolest and most bossy people on the planet. She copies everything they do. We really love our fair skin, blond hair, blue eyed baby.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

We are so proud

We are so proud of Jarod making the decision to be baptized. Grandma and Grandpa Slider flew in from Utah to be here. Grandpa and Grandma Cogbill, Aunt Danielle, Juston, Uncle Adam, Aunt Melynn and Baby Camrynn all made the 3 hours treck as well. Thankyou all so much for coming. It really ment a lot to Jarod that you were all here to support him. It was a really nice baptism. Jarod shared his day with a little boy in his primary class named Dyllan Taylor. Sister Taylor and Grandma Cogbill gave the talks and Grandma Slider had a blanket embroider for the special day. Grace and Dyllans little sister, Jenna did a great job of singing I am a child of God. Grace was very sweet letting Jarod know as he walked into the water "dont worry Jarod it isnt scarry!" Grace loved blurting out comments all through the baptism. I am sure this dosnt surprise any of you that know her. Jarod said it was a great day and that even though the water was cold he still felt warm inside.

Jarod and Dad ready to go

Family picture after the baptism