Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jarod's field day

Grace's field day

Ms. Grumpy Pants

Grumpy, but still soooo cute!

I love mud!!!

Kate loves to get dirty. She loves mud, splashing in rain puddles, and anything that will get her completely dirty.

Grace's gymnastics recital

Grace loves gymnastics! She has been looking forward to her recital for awhile now. She did such a great job and even won a medal! Most of the pictures turned out dark or fuzzy. I can not figure out how to take good pictures at the gymnastics studio.

The next 3 pictures are of her floor routine

Uneven bars

High bar

Hand stand contest

Grace and her medal

Grace and Coach Bridgett

Bowling for charity

Nathans company entered a bowling for Charity event and Nate was supposed to get a team of 5. So instead of coworkers he chose us. The kids really enjoyed it. I bowled my best game. I broke 100. Granted there were bumpers in the gutters, so it was impossible to roll a gutter ball. Jarod and Kate stayed busy between their turns by doing what they love best. EATING all the snacks out of the goodie bags!

Easter Morning at Grandma and Grandpa Cogbills

We had so much fun Easter morning. A tradition in my family is for the Easter Bunny to hide our baskets. Then when we wake up in the morning we have to find them. My kids love doing this too. I also just let them eat their candy until it is gone. I always loved that my Mom would let us eat our candy until we were sick.