Monday, July 26, 2010


It has been so hot here in Augusta. I almost feel like I am back in Arizona except that it is so humid that you never feel dry. We keep our thermostat at 74 degrees with all the ceiling fans on and still cant get cool enough. So I thought I would post some pictures of how cold it was this winter. Augusta had a freak snow storm this winter and my kids were so thrilled. We don't have any snow gear because we have never needed it. They played until they were completely frozen, came in for hot chocolate and then went back out for more.

These first two pictures are of Grace, Kate and the first few flurries.

Jarod came out after the snow started to stick to the ground.

Catching snowflakes on their tongues

My little snow angels

Making a snow man

Kate came inside really sad and said "Dad hit me in the face with a snowball!!!!" She was done playing after that.
This was after the snow finally stopped falling. We never expected this much snow. It was a fun day.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pinning and Graduation

The night before graduation my nursing class had a pinning ceremony. It is a tradition where we take the Nightingale Pledge and our family pins us. It was very long!!!!! My parents, Nathans parents, My Grandma Schroeder and Aunt Teri all came to support me. It was very nice to have them here. We loved having them.

The kids were very excited to be come on the stage to pin me. Just a coulple of minutes before they called my name Grace threw up all over Grandma Cogbill. When Nathan came to pin me he told me what just happened. So instead of looking excited I think I looked a little puzzled and grossed out. Grace was not feeling well at all. I felt bad for the poor people that sat around my family. Kate was so excited when she got to the stage that she couldnt stop jumping. She just kept jumping in a circle. She only held still long enough to get her picture taken, then jumped all the way back to her seat. Grace, Kate and both Grandma Cogbill and Slider left to get cleaned up and showered. Thanks Mom and Charlyn.

I made a lot of good friends in school. These are two of the best people I know. Diana and Charles were my study buddies. We spent a lot of long later nights and weekends together. We think we have got to be the funniest people around. We laughede and talked about as much as we studied. I could not have made it through school with out them.

Here is Grace and her Grandmas coming out of the bathroom after the big incident. She really did not feel good and was very sad the she didnt get to go on stage.

Grace after we got home from pinning.

The next day was graduation. It was also long. The speaker was crazy!!! The only way to describe her is a VERY enthusiastic southern belle.

Nathans parents and our family minus our sick little Grace.

My parents

My little family. Grace stayed home with Great Grandama Schroeder and Great Aunt Teri. Thanks so much.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Busy as a bee!

Things have been really crazy for us the last couple of years but especially the couple of months. I have been in school full time since we moved to Augusta a few years ago but I finally graduated nursing school and passed my boards. It was really hard going to school full time and taking care of the family at the same time. I could not have done it with out all the help and support from Nathan. He was great. He did most of the cleaning and laundry these last couple of years with hardly a complaint. He even had to get the kids ready and off to school 2 days a week. That is a task in itself with two girls to get ready. He did a great job. I am very thankful for him and all the hard work he did to get me through school. He is a great guy and I Love him with all my heart.

I thought things would slow things down a bit, but the company Nathan works for has relocated to Charlotte, NC. So now we are still busy trying to find a house and get settled before school starts for the kids. Maybe things will slow down then.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Family Pictures



Sweet Sisters


The Boys

The Girls