Monday, July 26, 2010


It has been so hot here in Augusta. I almost feel like I am back in Arizona except that it is so humid that you never feel dry. We keep our thermostat at 74 degrees with all the ceiling fans on and still cant get cool enough. So I thought I would post some pictures of how cold it was this winter. Augusta had a freak snow storm this winter and my kids were so thrilled. We don't have any snow gear because we have never needed it. They played until they were completely frozen, came in for hot chocolate and then went back out for more.

These first two pictures are of Grace, Kate and the first few flurries.

Jarod came out after the snow started to stick to the ground.

Catching snowflakes on their tongues

My little snow angels

Making a snow man

Kate came inside really sad and said "Dad hit me in the face with a snowball!!!!" She was done playing after that.
This was after the snow finally stopped falling. We never expected this much snow. It was a fun day.


schroederslider said...

So cute! Reminds me of the weather here in about 3 months.

Jaime said...

good idea to post this in this heat, makes you feel cooler just looking at these, cute!