Saturday, January 29, 2011

Goodbye 2010

 Since I did not get a Christmas card out this year I thought I would post some of the highlights of our year. We were very blessed this last year. We made a lot of good memories and look forward to the memories that we will make this year.

We found the zoo in Columbia, SC to be full of adventures!!!
Grace feeding a ggiraffe. Every time the giraffe licked her hand the kids would roll with laughter!

The birds were fun too!

Easter at Grandma and Grandpa Cogbills is always fun.


Jarod found out he could fit about 15 pieces of gum in his mouth at once!
Thankfully he did not choke on it.

Kate sat by the seriously scary Easter Bunny. She loved him!

I graduated from nursing school. YIPPEE!!!!

My parents, Grandma Schroeder and Aunt Teri came for my graduation. It was so fun to see all of them.
This is our four generation picture.
Great Grandma Schroeder, Grandma Slider, Me, and my girls Grace and Kate

My kids are always excited when Grandpa and Grandma Slider come for a visit. We MISS you!!!

Jarod decided Kickball is the best "SPORT" ever.

Grace took her first ballet class. She looks so beautiful.

I saw my first show with some fun gals. We saw Wicked. It was soooo good. I loved it and we had so much fun!

Our good friends the Fishers took us out on their boat. The kids could not get enough of "Big Bertha" the tube.

We went on our annual beach trip to Hilton Head Island. It was fun, as usual.

Then we moved to Charlotte,NC. The company Nathan works for relocated to Charlotte and we relocated with them. It has been a really good move and we love it here. 

Jarod participated in the rain gutter regatta and got second place.  

Jarod and Grace competed in a triathlon!! They worked really hard and did a great job.
  Grace on her first leg: Swimming 5 laps

                          Grace on the second leg: 2 mile bike                                      
                                                   Grace on the third leg: 1mile run

Jarod on the first leg

Jarod on the second leg 

 Jarod finishing the third leg 

Our family went threw a Corn Maze. It took forever but we had a lot of fun doing it. we will do it again next year. 

Jarod planted a watermelon seed in our back yard and it grew into this!!! YUM!!! 

Now that we live about 2 hrs from the Blue Ridge Mountains, we took a couple of hiking trips before it got to cold. It is so beautiful. We think we are going to try to be daring next year and go camping there! 

Kate is the cutest pilgrim ever 

Nate ran his 1st 10k race. He did a great job. I plan on joining him next Thanksgiving.

 The kids were waiting anxiously at the finish line for Nate to come flying threw.

Grace had a speaking part in the Christmas play at school. She was definitely the best, if you ask me. 


Brown Eyed Girl said...

It's about time.... I have been waiting FOREVER to see how the Cogbill family is doing? I guess better late than never:) Love the pic of you Cassie when your with the girls seeing Wicked... you look beautiful as ever. And LOVE the pic of Nathan with his shirt off on the beach..bow-chica-wow-wow;) Of course the kids look good in every picture!! Love you guys!

The Slider Family said...

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