Thursday, January 29, 2009

Catch up!

It has been quite awhile since we have posted anything. So I thought I would catch you up a little. We went to Utah to vistit my family for Christmas. We had so much fun! It snowed so much. Our kids were so excited. We went sledding, made a couple of snowmen and snow forts. My parents neighborhood pool is a hot spring so we went swimming in the snow. Well at least the kids went swimming while Nathan threw snowballs at them. We got to spend lots of times with Grandpa and Grandma Slider and most of our aunts uncles and causins. We miss them all so much.

The other big thing is school. I was accepted and started the nursing program at Augusta State University. It stresses me way out but I love it! We just had our first test and I got an A. I also just bought my stethascope ,bandage scissors, hemostat, and pen light. It made me feel official. Hopefully I can make it through.
We rode on the Polar Express.
Mom and Jaord
Jarod loves trains. He was in heaven.
Kate after getting her bell from Santa
Grace had never seen before. She thought it tasted so good!
Grace snowboarding

Swimming with the causins

Grace doing a trick


Jarod trying to dive.

Nate making egg nogg

Nates jugs of egg nogg cooling in the snow

Nate after drinking his egg nogg......

Me and my big sister Carolyn

Kylie,Me and Kortney. When did my seet neices get so big.